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A great knowledge spillover for YOU

The New Way To Design Your Home


We are CoContest, the world’s first and foremost online interior design marketplace. We are launching a public beta of our service and we want to formally invite you to try it. We manage a network of over 11,000 architects worldwide.

Users interested in designing or renovating a space can use our platform to launch a contest within this network of architects. It is very simple. Users just have to create a basic profile, upload some specific details and preferences about the space and launch the contest. Within as little as 7 days, they can receive between 15-20 complete design proposals, for an average of $350.

We are revolutionizing the way people think about interior designs. We envision affordable and accessible interior design and architectural services for everyone.

Through our user friendly, customizable platform we hope to allow everyone to express a bit of their own creativity.

We are offering you a 100% discount on the CoContest user fee (code: ilovecocontest).


Federico Schiano di Pepe
Founder of @CoContest

PS we love your feedback, ideas, suggestion, contact us: