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Murg Lababdar



* Fist of all heat oil in a pan. Saute cumin and chopped onion in the pan until brown.
* Now add chopped tomatoes and cook it till fat separates.
* Now add the cumin powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, and kasoori methi.
* Stir in the chicken. Cook over a low flame for 5-10 minutes.
* Remove it from flame and pour the butter and cream over the top.
* Garnish with shredded ginger, chopped coriander and sliced tomato.
* Serve it hot with naan or paratha.


Methi Murg


Clean, skin, wash and cut chicken into medium sized pieces.
Heat up oil in a pan.
Mix in whole garam masala and bay leaves.
Stir fry until cardamoms starts to crackle.
Mix in cut onions and stir fry until transluscent and soft.
Make sure to stir continuously.
Mix in cut ginger, garlic paste, turmeric powder, coriander powder and cut green chillies.
Stir fry for a minute.
Mix in chicken pieces and beaten yogurt and stir fry on a high flame heat up for 7-8 minutes.
Mix in kasoori methi, garam masala powder, cut fresh coriander, salt and three fourths cup of water.
Cover the pot and stir fry on a low heat up for ten minutes.
Serve hot.

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Murg NoorMahal Biryani


Mix the milk and saffron and keep aside. Mix the next 8 items and marinade the lamb in it for 4 to 6 hours. Gently simmer it for 45 minutes in a heavy pan. Meanwhile, wash the rice and cook with whole spices in boiling water until the grains are a quarter done. Drain. Grease the base of a heavy pan with Noor Oil and place half the rice in an even but loose layer. Spread the cooked meat mixture with all the juices over the rice. Spread the remaining rice at random spots. Finally pour Noor Oil over the rice. Grease a circular piece of foil (the size of the pan) and place it greased side down on the rice. Cover the pan and cook on low to medium heat for about 20 minutes or until the rice is fluffy. Gently toss the rice and meat together before serving.

Note: You can substitute boneless, skinless chicken breast for the lamb.
Tips: This is great served with yogurt / mint / cucumber salad.

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