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Perfect Party Prospectus

 I believe hosting a perfect lunch/dinner party is as easy as a chid’s play. All it requires is some planning and organising(yes puneet, there I go again) and effective time management.
A succesful and popular menu needs to consider the following S.W.A.T
Strength- This is your signature dish, the one dishyou make the best and is a hot favorite with friends and family. My friend Madhu Agarwal makes the best”fruit yoghurt” and always serves it in her kitties, lunches and get togethers. I believe, one of the reason people go over to their house is to have a bowlful of this rich, creamy dessert. For you, it could be anything from the amazing pasta salad to something as simple and delightful as arhar dal. As they say, why mess with a classic. If you have a Birkin Kelly there is no reason why you should not dress around it
Wowie- The bling or the wow, could be anything from serving payasam in Martini glasses, or a beautiful Swarovski Crystal Bowl to serve your salad. Think out of the box, something you have never done before. Remember to keep it simple, and there should always just be ONE wow every time. DONT OVERCROWD EVER
Add-Ons-Depending on the choice of menu, it could be serving fried idlis on a banana leaf platter or placing chopstick and having jasmine tea with Chinese food. Paan and choice of various Saunfs and Churans at the end of a meal is also a great idea
Tinglers- No meal can be complete without its various accompaniments of spreads and chutneys. For Indian menus, one can rustle up some interesting raitas like a Beetroot or Ladies Finger Pachadi, array of pickles like Gobhi-Shalgam, Prawn or Chicken Pickle, lip smacking khejur or tomato chutney. Chinese meals would have its quintessential Cabbage Khimchi, Soya and Chilli Vinegar, besides some nutty peanut sauce, honey-coriander etc. A Continental menu can be jazzed up with kasundi mustard, pesto sauce, hummus etc
Always remember the golden rule, once the party has began-