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Perfect Party Prospectus-02

¬†Often, after a hard days work you realise you have unexpected guests. There is no option but to order in and Entertain. Sweat Not, with a couple of tricks the run- of- the- mill Dal and Chicken can be jazzed up, your house can look fit to host the President and you can be “The Perfect Party Hostess” to impress your husbands friends and your boss as if its no Big DealI always stock up my refrigerator and larder with the below essentials:-Some Frozen, ready to fry snacks(I make cocktail cheese and chicken samosas, half fry them and freeze them), Sweet Corn, Cold Cuts, Frozen Parathas(Sumeru and Al Kabeer have a wide range), Ice cream
-Cheese Cubes
-Mayonnaise, Tomato Ketchup and Mustard
-Curd and Green Chutney
-Chocolate Sauce,Strawberry Sauce etc(Hersheys has a couple of them)
-Assorted Jam
-Cocktail sticks
-Papads & Fryums
-Fancy Cutlery and Crockery
-Paper and Cloth napkins(starched and crisp and clean)
-Beer and Assorted Drinks as per your choice and consumption
-Assorted Juice in Tetra Packs and Soft DrinksSnacks
-Cheese cube and Grape/Cherry on cocktail sticks, arranged beautifully on a platter or in a Martini glass if hard pressed for time
-Get the ready to fry snacks out of the freezer and fry them, serve with green chutney and tomato ketchup-mayo mix
-Microwave Sweet Corn kernels with butter and pepper, and serve them cold or on Monaco biscuits a la canapesDinner
I order a vegetarian main and dal, and a chicken/mutton, pour them in lovely bowls and throw the incriminating disposables. I make some raita and jeera pulao at home. Thaw the frozen parathas and saute them on a tava with some ghee (do this while warming dinner, so the aroma of ghee wafts through), Fry/Roast Papads. Chop and garnish the main courses with/or coriander leaves, ginger, green chillies, dried herbs/dollop of curd. Make a green or pasta salad and serve them in individual shot glassesDessert
Vanilla Ice cream with some chopped fruits, cream wafers, nuts and chocolate/strawberry sauce on top. Add any left over cake or cream biscuits to make your Signature Fruit TrifleLay your best cutlery-crockery and napkins. Remember to get some flowers on your way home, lay them in fancy vases/bottles/jugs. Light up some agarbattis/scented candles, wear your best dress and put your best foot forward. Voila !