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This special navratra panjiri got its name because of five main ingredients, Coconut, almonds, melon seeds, peanuts and sugar. All you need to make this special sweet is….

Grated dry coconut 200g

almonds 50g

melon seeds 20g

roasted groundnut 50g

sugar  200g

Roast all the ingredients in an open pan on low fire. Make sugar syrup of sugar of 2 thread consistency. Mix all the roasted ingredients to the syrup. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Grease a plate and spread the mixture on it. Let it set for half an hour. Cut in the desired shape.

This delicious sweet is not only appealing to eyes and delicious to taste, its quite rich in iron, vitamin B and many other nutrients,



Coconut ladoo

For making these mouth watering ladoos

U need

250 g malai

250 g coconut powder

250 g ground sugar/ boora

ground cardamom 2 pieces

almonds 20g

Heat the malai in a wok on sim flame. Keep stirring till it starts leaving ghee and turns into mawa.

let it cool.

Mix all the ingredients to it and then roll into equal sized ladoos.

This is not only mouth watering but also rich in Iron, protein and calcium.