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An Ode to Vada Pav

If Rasam is my most favorite food, then Vada-Pav comes a close second. Its my comfort food for the soul and the only food that I craved for all through 09 months of pregnancy. It is often called a poor man’s burger and I think calling it so is an insult to a mighty, crunchy from outside and deliciously soft and spicy from inside, hot Vada between a Pav that has just the right amount of Lasoon Chutney and Deep Fried salted green chillies. The Vegetable Bonda from South India, is an inferior and distant cousin, that cannot make claims to Vada Pav’s feisty and feiry nature.This is a food for not the faint hearted, or for someone who watches his weight and is perenially counting his calories. This deep fried, huge balls of fire as I call them is not the ideal food to be had before a romantic interlude or on your first date. This is a dish you have with someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. The Vada Pav lover is a Man of Character. He is not pretentious, is large hearted and loves all things for what it is,and will never give you a hard time when you put on a little weight,very symbolic of the Vada Pav. All over Bombay and Maharashtra you would see carts selling Vada Pav from early morning to late nights and is the perfect snack in between meals (According to Me). My growing up years in my family meant Saturday evenings in front of the television watching Doordarshan and sharing a few Vada Pav’s and Mirchi Bhajiya’s to tide over the ennui .College meant feasting on Vada Pav in Shivaji Park and outside Kirti College. Moving to Chennai/Kolkata and now New Delhi meant being bereft of this snack, and you can see me begging and pleading with friends, relatives and strangers to get me Vada Pav from Bombay.So popular is the snack ,that a vendor of this outside my parents started out with rather humble beginnings, now boasts of owning 02 plush apartments in our Hiranandani Complex, Powai and has sent his kids abroad for further studies. A no mean feat at that. My dearest chachi and mother are so inspired by this, they are ready to retire early and set up a stall selling hot Vada Pav’s soon. Ah, my days of being a multi- millionaire are just round the corner


Few Potatoes, Boiled and Mashed
Green Chillies and Garlic ground to a coarse paste
Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves
Turmeric Powder
Besan/Gram Flour mixed with heeng, turmeric, salt and water to make a thick paste of g coating consistency
Oil for Tempering and Frying
Bedekar dry Lasson Chutney
Few Green Chillies, Slit and Stuffed with Salt and Fried
Soft Pavs preferably from Bombay


Heat a spoonful of oil for temepering. When hot, add chopped curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric powder. Add the green chilli-garlic paste and salt to taste, followed by mashed potatoes and cook for a minute. Cool and divide into equal portions and make round tikki shaped roundels. Meanwhile in another pan, heat oil for frying, and when sufficiently hot, dip the potato tikkis in besan batter and fry till light golden brown and not the colour of pakoras. Stuff them between slices of pav with fried green chillies and lasson chutney and EAT HOT!!!

Posted by:Rakhi Iyer


Paneer Lababdar


Take a pan and heat oil in it. Now, add cumin seeds and carom seeds to it and sauté for half a minute. Now, toss in the chopped onion in the pan and sauté till the onions turn brown.
Add chopped tomatoes and stir well.
Now, add some tomato puree over it for color and cook over low flame for a minute.
Now, add the cumin seed powder, red chilly powder, Garam masala and a pinch of kasuri methi. Keep on stirring for some time.
After this, add in the Paneer cubes and stir for some time. Now, keep it for cooking over low flame for 10 minutes.
Now, add the butter and cream over the top.
Garnish with shredded ginger, chopped coriander and sliced tomato peel.
Your Paneer Lababdar is ready to serve. Paneer Lababdar makes an excellent combination with Paratha, Kulcha and Rumali Roti.

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