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You are pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know whether to congratulate you or sympathize with you. Living in India, you would be inundated with advice both solicited and unsolicited from friends, family, well wishers and strangers. You wouldn’t know which to ingest and follow and which ones to chuck in the bin. Trust me I have been there and done that.

Hence a guide to Debunking some Popular Pregnancy Myths

Myth 1
CHINESE FOOD- NO GOOD: Chinese cuisine is the second most popular cuisine in our country and not all Chinese food is bad. Avoid food with ajinomoto or mono sodium glutamate (MSG) as it is known to cause physical and mental deformities in your child. One would be surprised to know that a lot of Indian food in restaurants have MSG and so does some packaged food. So when in doubt ask the chef or check the packaging details

Myth 2
HEELS,NO PLEASE: If like me you are short or are used to wearing heels on a regular basis, to completely move onto flat soles will be a problem. As long, they don’t cause your legs to swell, and you can keep up your balance and not fall,you could invest in a pair of good and sturdy wedges instead. Wedges incidentally are one of the fashion rages for the season

Myth 3
EATING FOR TWO, ALWAYS DO: Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you should double your calorie intake. Your baby needs only about 300 calories a day. Besides, your body is your best guide and will ask for food if needed. The more calories you intake, more difficult it would be to carry on the excess weight, and would only aggravate the pain in your back and feet. Also, remember you need to lose it post delivery

Myth 4
AERATED DRINKS, NEVER GLASSES CLINK: Though colas and fizzy drinks just add upto empty calories, its not earth shattering to have an occasional glass once in a while. It gives you instant energy, if feeling low or flushed. Given a choice opt for Lemonade over Colas and Diet or Sugar Free ones over Regular

Myth 5
CLIMBING STAIRS, DO DESPAIR: Though one needs to be careful when doing up and down stairs, it is not entirely avoidable. Doctors advise you to take it slow as chances of slipping down the stairs are higher. Always hold on to the railing while climbing and walking down. Take one step at a time, and if you feel faint or dizzy, take a break and sit down leaning against the wall for support. Also a great and much needed exercise for you

Myth 6
FOOD YOU TUCK, LETS YOU KNOW THE SEX: The food you crave does not indicate the sex of the child. If you crave sweets or spicy food or chaat, its just what your body needs the most at that time. Having a glowing skin does not mean you are going to have a girl. Neither your stomach jutting out as compared to your buttocks hints at a boy. One would not need radiologists if these parameters were accurate

Myth 7
TRAVEL, OH HELL: Always check with your doctor if you can travel. She is the best judge of your body. Discuss your travel plans, based on the mode of travelling, distance to travel and your weeks in pregnancy. For sure, as each week of pregnancy progresses, you will find it more and more difficult to travel, but I have done road trips well into my 7th month of pregnancy and air travel in my 8th month. My sister in law has flown continents, moved bag and baggage with a 3 year old son when she was 8.5 months pregnant

Myth 8
SHOPPING FOR THE BABY,MAYBE?This myth originated when fabrics weren’t pre washed and hence they were made to wear old worn clothes that were soft on their delicate skin. Nowadays, most children’s clothes are pre washed and are soft to suit their delicate skin. Besides, one needs to carry a baby bag with a gamut of baby stuff to the hospital. You would rather want your partner or parent taking care of you and your child after she is born, rather than running around buying them. Used clothes besides have a higher chance of passing on infection. But, always wash your baby’s new clothes in a mild detergent and hot water before wear


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